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Blk Fltcher x AiO- MichiCan
This is some fresh stuff from Blk Fltcher x AiO.  They are a rapper/producer from Oakville, Ontario and have been making music together for the past five years.  "MichiCan" is the first single off their EP, Bad Summer, which is coming out at the end of April.  The EP was produced entirely by AiO and samples songs from Bon Iver's sophomore album.  The song is really chill and mellow.  Blk Fltcher has a sick flow that is really emphasized in the chorus.  The hypnotizing beats combined with the sick flow make this song a must listen.  They plan to release another EP or two  before their release their album which will drop in late 2012.  Download the song through the soundcloud link.  For more by the duo, follow their tumblr.  Cheers- Chich

Oddisee- Slow Down

Oddisee has been producing and rapping music for the past couple of years.  He is a Maryland native but, has been splitting his time between Brooklyn, D.C., and London.  He has been member of The Low Budget Crew and Diamond District.  He has released more than ten records and "Slow Down" is his newest single.  He has this sick, nasty flow that gets me amped.  It contains a catchy beat that blends with some killer instrumentals that you normally do not find in rap songs these days.  Download his albums from his bandcamp page.  Cheers- Chich

Mixtape Double Feature

I have two mixtapes here for your ears to enjoy. One is fairly old but I feel was quite overlooked and under appreciated at the time of its release. The other is about ten days old and looks to be on that same overlooked, under appreciated path.
We'll start with Neako's The Number 23. Released October 4th of last year, this tape provides solid instrumentals across a wide range and Taylor Gangs Neako proves he can rap over almost any beat you throw at him. This is one of those rare tapes that you play all the way through without skipping over any tracks that may be whack or weak. The only track you might be tempted to skip over is Oooo Yeah ft. BXB because lets face it, BXB gets annoying after about half a bar, but hang in there! She only spits a quick verse and is gone forever. In my opinion the best track lyrically and production value goes is We Got the Handshake. This is kind of a hands down kind of answer for me, the beat is filthy as it samples MGMT's Handshake. Neako delivers with a flow that's vicious, clean, tight, and on point in every aspect. This tape has it all for you, whether you want to hear an old school style beat with some new blood twist to it in Rolex Time. Or if you want to hear a trap Lex Luger beat with the song In Every City, this mixtape has it all. Give it a listen.
Overall Grade: A low B+

The second tape is done by Chicago native rapper Rockie Fresh. It's titled Driving 88. A mere 20 years old, Rockie straight up kills this tape. The entire theme behind the tape is fan-fucking-tabulous. He samples a bit of the movie Back to the Future when Doc brings up at 88 miles per hour, we're going to see some serious shit. He (Rockie) states he is the future, he's coming and the game better be ready. I know a lot of rappers say that and never deliver it, but Rockie Fresh has the flow and substance to do it. He knows his limitations and stays in his element, never trying to reach with a song. The production value is great, each song  delivers a wonderful sound to go along with a "Fresh" new lyrical flow. Because nothing is worst than great lyrics over a shit beat. (A la The Game and Drake's Take Care) My favorite song is Driving 88 that features Casey Veggies doing what he do. Though this tape doesn't carry out a wide range of musical tastes like The Number 23 did, it still delivers and will definitely keep your ear drums happy for a long time.
Overall Grade: Solid B+

Download links: The Number 23       Driving 88


Sol Moravia-Rosenberg, aka SOL, is a well established artist hailing from Seattle, Washington. For all those who follow hip-hop/rap you know that right now the Seattle rap scene is exploding. With Macklemore, Grieves, Budo, and many others all getting nationwide attention (deservedly so) SOL has been overshadowed by these other artists. While Macklemore is considered the King of Seattle now, in my opinion SOL is an all around better artist. His beats, flow, stories, and ability to spit fast rhythmic rhymes, while also nailing laid back verses when necessary. His album Your Truly just dropped about a week ago and lived up to the hype, pick it up on iTunes, but don't forget to cop all his previous material, Dear Friends Vol. l II and III here on his website. Also look up his tour dates on the west coast.
Above is the music video for 2020, his new albums single. It is the best track of 2012 so far.  Enjoy- JD

Terence Ryan | Skeleton EP

This one goes out to all you melolagnia's (music lovers) out there. Alright, so in the past two days or so Terence Ryan has been blowing up all over the interweb/blogosphere with an awesome new EP. He combines mellow beats that draw upon classical orchestra chord progressions from Goldmund on his debut track "Alan's Right" off of his Skeleton EP. After you stream and hit the download link below I would recommend that all you watch the music video for Alan's Right posted above. Pretty amazing camera work and production value for a relatively unknown artist, not the mention the fact that he did all the filming, editing, and beatwork himself. Hope you all enjoy. Peace -JD
Favorite song off the Ep is Skeleton.

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